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Yoga at Home



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Yoga at Home



Do you find yourself thinking the same thoughts over and over again? Perhaps you are ruminating over past events or worrying about what might happen in the future? You might feel agitated, restless or dissatisfied and use habitual or addictive behaviours to escape these feelings? If so, you're probably missing out on a lot of life in the present moment - and this is where the magic of life happens!

Mindfulness coaching will teach you the skills to not only reduce your negative thought patterns now, but also to prevent and manage them in the future. 

It offers proven & powerful health & wellbeing benefits, including helping to manage and prevent
feelings of anxiety or discontentment, improve memory, focus, relationships & sleep. 

My tailor made mindfulness coaching programme will give you greater clarity, improve your wellbeing, bring you in to balance and help you find the inner peace you long for. 



After years of struggling with an eating disorder, social anxiety, depression & hard to manage emotions, a therapist starting teaching me mindfulness...

It wasn't long before I started experiencing big shifts in my internal landscape which started me on a journey towards transformation & full recovery. I spent two years living and traveling in Asia learning about the roots of mindfulness & yoga from the Indian Himalayas to the monasteries of Myanmar before returning to the UK to complete my training. 

My lived experience of mental health recovery means I have an empathic and compassionate approach - I want nothing more than for you to live a happier life. I teach mindfulness for everyone and my 8 week programme will help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, addiction etc. I also specialise in Mindfulness for Emotional Eating after learning first hand the power & role of mindfulness in overcoming eating, food and body image related issues. I have a huge amount of empathy for anyone struggling with these issues and many tried and tested techniques to help you on the road to food freedom. 

Now a certified yoga, mindfulness & meditation teacher, I am fulfilling my soul's purpose to help you on your journey to inner peace.  

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how i can help you

After getting to know you, I will tailor make a mindfulness coaching program to help you achieve your goals.

Using a combination of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction & Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy depending on your needs, we will work together to journey towards greater health & happiness and deepening your connection to life. 

The 8 week course which forms the basis of my programmes is well-researched, evidence based and approved by the British Psychological Society. If you are coming to me for help with emotional eating, we will cover the full mindfulness syllabus plus psycho-education, practices and skills which will arm you with knowledge & techniques specific to overcoming emotional eating. Find out more about Mindfulness for Emotional Eating here. 

When practiced for 8 weeks or more, mindfulness is shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Just like any other muscle, the brain needs training. Your coaching will be like going to the mind-gym, strengthening your capacity to stay mindful and present, allowing you to experience more joy, more happiness & more inner-peace. 

The course will be a balanced approach of teaching theory, discussion and practices in which I will guide you through meditations. You'll learn 'circuit breaker' hacks and breathing techniques to pull you back to the present moment when anxiety, reactive behaviour or negative thoughts occur.  We will also do some mindful movement practice (where mobility permits) and  self-reflective journal exercises. 

Ready to start your journey?



What is it? An evidence based, British Psychological Society approved programme for greater physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. A nurturing & supportive programme, tailored to you & your needs. 


For you if you want to: Reduce stress & anxiety. Gain clarity. Improve resilience. Break negative thought patterns. Experience greater inner peace and create long term change. 


How is it taught? 8 x weekly sessions, you can choose 1-2-1, 1-2-2 or a group setting. Guided meditation audio recordings & worksheet .pdfs provided after each session. Email support.

8 week MINDFULNESS coaching programme


What is it? Specific, tailored mindfulness coaching combining the core content of the evidence based Psychological Society approved programme with specific knowledge & techniques for understanding & overcoming emotional eating.   

For you if you want to: Overcome emotional eating and follow the mindfulness pathway to food freedom & a better relationship with food, your emotions & yourself. Do you struggle with binge or over eating? Do you eat more unhealthy food when you are stressed, bored, lonely or anxious? Do you turn to food for comfort? I hear you and I am here for you! 

How is it taught: Two blocks of 6 x 60minute private sessions. Guided meditation audio recordings, practice videos & emotional eating workbook .pdfs . Email support. 


"Breathing in, I calm body and mind. breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment I know this is the only moment."

-  Thich Nhat Hanh


"I felt very nervous before my sessions because i have social anxiety. Claire instantly put me at ease & I learnt so many skills to help me manage my anxiety and treat myself with kindness. I've really noticed a difference."

"Claire seems to have a gift for taking theory and making it in to a wonderful meditation. I can't believe quite how profound an effect it had on me.  I've done many meditations over the years but nothing quite like this."  

Since completing the 8 week course, I've been feeling much less anxious, I've lost weight and generally feel much better about things. The way I feel about life is much better. I am continuing with my meditation practice!